Brothers James and Henry Deakin are the seventh generation of the family to manage Deakin & Francis®.

During school holidays James and Henry joined their father at work, watching and learning from the craftsmen and attending trade shows in London and Switzerland. Both fully qualified, James studied at the Gemological Institute of America and is a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist. Henry studied gemology at the International Gemological Institute in Vicenza and is a Graduate Gemologist.

Deakin & Francis employs jewellers and specialist craftspeople for different stages in jewellery design, creation and manufacture.

  • Our die-sinkers create new dies based on sketches and take the first impression with lead (rather than precious metal) to ensure it looks perfect. The dies are used to stamp out precious metal and create more traditional cufflinks.
  • Our model makers create our new designs, starting with one of our sketches and a storyboard to explain how the finished piece will look. The model makers create models for our 3D cufflinks and when approved, they are taken to the mould-makers to create the mould.
  • Our Jewellers have a range of skills from signet ring stamping, shaping and finishing, to stone mounting and hand-making special commission pieces. At Deakin & Francis we use traditional methods to mount the unique spring back fittings onto Deakin & Francis cufflinks.
  • Our team of Enamellers who use traditional methods dating back to the Pharaohs, to hand paint Deakin & Francis cufflinks and create the individual paint colours.
  • Our engravers carve initials and family crests onto cufflinks, signet rings and pendants.
  • Our chief Finisher uses an assortment of finishing tools such as a rouge mop and felt bob to perfect Deakin & Francis cufflinks and other jewellery, before they are ready to be shipped to our customers.